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Benefits of a Warm Bath

After you've just spent a hectic day trying to put a dent into the huge project that your boss absolutely needs tomorrow, you get home from work and the kids are crying for dinner. Sometimes the busy lives we lead and the resulting stress can seem overwhelming. In this fast-paced world it's hard to imagine putting down the cell phone, ignoring your email inbox and soaking in a nice warm bath. But, did you know that taking a long hot steamy bath can have benefits other than just cleansing the body?

Soaking in the tub, lathering your body with a bar of Skinergy, can help calm your mind and soul. This Soap du Jour favorite Glycerin soap contains lavender oil, known for it's calming properties. You'll de-stress, unwind and sleep better, ready to take on the new day well rested.

Feeling a bit under-the-weather? Skinergy contains eucalyptus oil, a recognized anti-inflammatory, which can be used to calm the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and reduce coughs, asthma symptoms, bronchitis, sinus pain and respiratory infections. It can also used as an antiseptic or a treatment option for wounds and burns.

It's hard feeling like we even have to time to breathe, much less a long hot bath, but in the long run isn't it better to take on the new day rested, healthy and clear minded?