• Our smooth glycerin soaps provide a sensual experience perfect for women and men
  • dog shampoo soap bath
  • glycerin soaps are not animal tested
  • smooth shave without razor burn

Glycerin Soap

SOAP DU JOUR handcrafted 100% pure vegetable glycerin soaps are as richly fragrant as they are in appearance. We handcraft our soaps with only the highest quality ingredients that create a rich and luxurious long lasting lather. Glycerin soap has many benefits. They cleanse the skin and rinse cleanly without drying, leaving you feel moisturized, elegantly soft and beautifully fragrant.

We infuse Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oils in each of our soaps and use only FDA approved colors and all natural dried botanicals.

Glycerin soap, unlike mass-produced commercial soap, contains no petroleum, lye, or alcohol. It attracts moisture, which hydrates your skin making it soft and supple. This is an essential addition to your daily beauty treatment.

In addition, glycerol is rendered from vegetable oil, not animal fat. You can rest assured that by using our soap you are doing something positive for your skin and the planet as well.

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What is the difference between vegetable glycerin soap and other soaps?
In the making of soap, glycerin is created, similar to cream separating from milk. Almost all manufacturers of soap remove the glycerin that is produced and sell it for use in other beauty products. Glycerin is a much more expensive commodity than soap. Our soap is cruelty free and contains no tallow or animal products.

Why is vegetable glycerin soap better than soap without vegetable glycerin?
Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. Many of our customers have told us that after using our soap for a couple of weeks, they stopped using their moisture lotion after bathing.

Why is Soap du Jour vegetable glycerin soap better than other vegetable glycerin soaps?
We do not remove any of the vegetable glycerin that is produced. Soap du Jour vegetable glycerin soap has the maximum amount of natural vegetable glycerin possible. We add aloe vera and Vitamin E to enhance our soap. Our lather is so rich and creamy, you will think you are bathing in whipped cream.

What is the difference between aromatherapy soaps and fragrance soaps?
Aromatherapy soap is made with essential oils from plants and fragrance soaps are made with fragrance oil. Essential oils have different qualities than fragrance oils.

What is fragrance oil??
Fragrance oil is part natural and part synthetic. It is used to make modern perfumes. Soap du Jour soaps are perfect for people who have a negative reaction to perfumes.

How long does one slice of soap last?
The average slice of soap last for about three weeks if it is stored in a soap dish that drains otherwise, if left in a puddle, it will melt.