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Shaving With Glycerin Soap

For women, getting that perfect new mini skirt or little black dress, can be ruined by having hairy legs. What's more, shaving can produce results like irritation or ingrown hairs that can be equally as unattractive as the hair itself. Do you want to shave your legs and get them as smooth and silky as possible? Then start thinking about shaving a different way for super smooth, sexy, sleek legs that will have people staring at them and wondering what is your secret.

START WITH PREP WORK. Get that bath or shower as warm as possible to open pores. Soak for at least 5 minutes. Don't turn up the heat too much as hot water will dry out your skin and put you at risk for razor burn.

EXFOLIATE. EXFOLIATE. EXFOLIATE. This will get rid of dead skin which will give you a closer shave and eliminate the possibility of developing ingrown hairs.

SOAP INSTEAD OF SHAVING CREAM? Absolutely. Try Skinergy. Use a loofah to whip the soap into a creamy consistency. Shave with a new razor in the direction of hair growth to reduce the risk of bumps or irritation. Take your time and don't rush; you could end up making a very bad job of it. If you desire a closer shave, shave upwards to cut the hair. Then, shave downwards to get the hair to grow back in a nice way. The aloe vera in Skinergy will soothe exposed skin. Remember, shaving takes off layers of skin leaving it vulnerable to dryness and irritation. By using Skinergy you reduce these risks.

LET THE SOAP SIT AND DO IT'S WORK . Yes we are all in a hurry but, after shaving, let the soap sit on your legs for a few minutes. The aloe will penetrate your skin to sooth irritation. The Lavender will also reduce irritation as well as the risk of infection. The Eucalyptus will calm the skin and it's important to re nurture freshly shaven skin as much as possible.

If you have pretty dry legs you need to moisturize otherwise when the hair starts to grow back it will feel rough and unpleasant. The next time you shave, consider using Skinergy or one of our other glycerin soaps. They smell great and are excellent moisturizers for your skin.